Observation and Assessment

MR Homecare of Cleveland OH: Observation and Assessment There is simply no place on earth like home. To most individuals it provides safety, comfort and security. In times of stress or illness, it becomes even more important, as home provides most people with a cushion of security, which enables them to cope better with the cause of their distress.

Home healthcare providers play an important role in coping with sickness or recovering from an illness by making it possible for patients to stay in their own home. MR Homecare will observe and assess every patient which will allow them to stay in their own home instead of a health care facility.

When facing a serious illness, the mind and body have a tremendous amount of issues to deal with. It is much easier for most people to deal with the illness in the comfort of their own home. Things as simple as sleeping in a familiar bed, using a personal bathroom and having personal belongings within an easy reach can comfort and appease an ill person.

Most doctors will never send an ill person to an unsafe environment. Home health care nurses will alert physicians of any necessary information to monitor their progress at home. MR Homecare of Cleveland can provide the doctor’s office with vital observation and assessment information such as general condition, blood pressure, pulse rate and any other observation and assessment needed to monitor signs of change in health status. Our skilled nursing professionals are trained to be proficient in recognizing any health change in condition by observation and monitoring vital signs. For example, a seemingly innocent conversation, can give healthcare workers information regarding mental alertness. They can judge skin pallor, wound conditions or general health appearance. The information that is obtained during observation and assessment is extremely important for the doctor to maintain good continuity of care and health of the patient.

Having a visiting nurse come to the patients’ home allows the patient to have much less stress to cope with knowing that observation and assessment information is being transmitted to their doctor. When skilled workers are involved in the process, patients can cope with illness or injury in the comfort of their home as well as recover with dignity in a home environment. The observation and assessment that is done by MR Homecare of Cleveland skilled nursing personnel enables many people to enjoy life at home when facing an illness or disability.

Beside observation and assessment MR Homecare of Cleveland provides other skilled nursing services, such as Patient and Family Education. Medication Management and Education, Catheter Care, Wound Care, Intravenous therapy, Injections, Ostomy Care, Diabetic Care, Pain Management, and Nutritional Support . We also provide Rehabilitative Services and none-skilled Home Health Aid Services.